Chapter 1

"it is only through a change in human consciousness
that the world will be transformed"

-New Dimensions Radio

Age of Turmoil

By all accounts our world is escalating rapidly into complete turmoil, breakdown and chaos. Everything, and i mean everything, is now coming to the fore.

Here's what we have brewing: First, there are enough weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical and biological) in existence today to destroy the planet at least 20 times over. This is a fact that cannot be disputed as the global arms race continues to escalate. As peoples and nations not only exercise their percieved right to defend themselves against ever growing threats brought about by increased levels of fear and anxiety, so too is this fear swiftly dominating the collective human psyche as the world implodes into utter desperation and despair.

Second, world population levels are completely off the charts and out of control. As of 2010, there are an estimated 7 billion people on Earth. There are now more people living today today than have ever lived in all of human history. This is unprecedented and is the root cause of many of the conflicts and tensions that are quickly arising throughout the planet.

Thirdly, the global environment is under assault by human activity on a level never seen or experienced before. Air, water and soil pollution and scarcity, the threat of global climate change, urban sprawl, the deforestation of many of our precious rainforests, the desertification of large tracts of once fertile farming and grazing lands, the creation and build-up of obscene levels of toxic and radioactive waste, the overfishing, plankton die-off and death of many of the coral reefs throughout the world's oceans, the loss of the Earth's protective canopy of stratospheric ozone, the harm and environmental damage done due to the introduction and use of genetically modified organisms (GMO's), the principle loss of biodiversity in our tropical zones, the literal holocaust of vast tracts of forestland in our arctic regions by insect pestilence brought on by global warming, the list goes on and on...

The build-up and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the increasing level of human population numbers and the growing array of threats to the global environment are the 3 primary ingredients or factors that are quickly leading human civilization into an inevitable and highly predictable world of future turmoil as well as an uncontrollable and highly volatile level of chaos and destruction in the immediate years ahead. With a little foresight and intelligence, anyone can see it coming. And coming quickly it is. It is a literal Apocalypse in the making.

Already, even today, we see clashes between peoples and nations for scarce resources; for water, for land, for food, for energy resources and for regional and global hegemony.

As population levels increase, so too are there many more demands on the natural environment, as well as more mouths to feed. Generally recognized United Nations statistics estimate that there are nearly 1 billion men, women and children today who live in absolute dire poverty worldwide, specifically in the so-called developing and third world countries of the South- Asia, Africa and Latin America. However, i believe that figure is closer to the 3 billion range. Based on national per capita income charts, decreased living standards due primarily to elevated population pressures, and diminishing access to dwindling natural resources worldwide, I calculate that nearly 1/2 of planet Earth's population now lives near or below the poverty line and is struggling daily to make ends meet. The trajectory, as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, both within the developed and developing countries, is likely to increase. That is, the disparity between those with too much and those with too little is, and will continue to widen in the years to come, unfortunately. To an outside observer, this is the mark of a highly dysfunctional, inverted and backward system of world development, as well as a quite chilling outlook on the future state of human civilization and its prospects for ultimate survival. Which brings us to the "eugenics" issue...

Simply put, eugenics is a means to cull the masses by a specific group, nationality or race to, in effect, promote and carry out the die-off and depopulation of large numbers of people. This is, in fact, what is occuring today. An example of a eugenics policy in action can be witnessed quite dramatically in regards to the issues of water and sanitation. It has been estimated that it would take somewhere between $20-40 billion US dollars to provide every single man, woman and child in the developing South with access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities, yet it remains largely unfunded. Dirty water and unsanitary conditions are the prime causes of sickness, disease and death amongst the poor in the Third World. Hence, a deliberate policy to destroy the lives of millions. Take and redirect the billions that go into making an aircraft carrier, a trident submarine or few stealth bombers by the US military-industrial-intelligence-security complex, and the problem is solved. Yet the problem deliberately remains unsolved. This level of consciousness is one of the major impediments that keeps us from saving our planet and drives us deeper into a world of turmoil.

An advanced, intelligent world civilization does not go down this kind of suicidal path, rather, a society in control of its destiny pursues the sanctity, sacredness and generational continuity of life on Earth, not its destruction. The trajectory of human evolution is in the promulgation, complexity and perfection of its existence, not its devolution. Life exists because it has developed the mechanisms that ensures its ability to survive, replicate and prosper. In fact, it is the very life force that has conserved and preserved our collective survival as a species over the aeons. It is this very life force that is starting to come to the fore now to rescue our planet from near certain destruction and put us on a path of planetary salvation.

The world crisis is unfolding on many levels. One of the major problems has been the speed to which events are unfolding. We have billions of years of evolution behind us and it has only been in the last couple of hundred of years where we have had the need to evolve and take stock of so much change so quickly. Another factor has been the absolute scale of the chaos, devestation and turmoil that has been unfolding around us. With billions of people now on the planet, a literal explosion of knowledge and information bombarding our senses daily and macro levels of environmental destruction starting to directly infringe upon our lives, there is a dire need for the collective human psyche to quickly come to grips with the world tragedy we are now experiencing. There is an immediate need for humanity to learn to take command of the intellectual, spiritual and evolutionary forces of self-preservation, sustainable liveihood and spiritual advancement so as to cross the threshold to planetary survival.

Truely, the age of chaos, strife, perplexity and turmoil has quickly come upon us. There are just too many people doing too much damage to the Earth. Conflicts will most definately escalate as resources, space and tolerance levels are depleted, this much is absolutely guaranteed. In a world heavily armed with weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, chemical and/or biological war is bound to be unleashed on some level in the immediate years ahead. Human goodness, morality and proper ethical characteristics will continue to wane as people desperately struggle to acquire not only the basic necessities of life just to be able to live, but emphatically try to maintain their sense of dignity, perserverance and spiritual and/or religious coherence and clarity amongst the coming onslaught. Already in the developed world, we witness a personality shift towards backstabbing, selfishness and general meanness becoming a dominant and widely accepted cultural value.

Turmoil denotes a lack of organization and control, an inability to hold a center that consequently keeps all levels of life running smoothly and efficiently. The world crisis we are quickly plunging into will completely shatter many long held beliefs, norms and standards that most people today take for granted. It will be a time of desperation, confusion, violence and dislocation, but it is also a time of opportunity, innovation, creativity and the learning of the ability to cope with limitations. It will be a time where the old world crashes and a new world arises from the ashes and is born.

The new path towards a green/sustainable world civilization is the next stage in human and societal evolution. Its hallmarks are free, clean and sustainable/renewable energy, a one child per family population policy and a world devoid of weapons and the need to revert to violence. It is a world where all mouths are fed and all peoples are housed and clothed. The transition to this vision and this reality will be rough indeed, yet the backbone is already beginning to form. With diligence, enough critical mass and a passion for truth, justice and righteiousness, we can collectively make this crossover quickly.

Thus said, many barriers stand in our way, specifically the current level of consciousness and general modus operendi of our current human and consequential world state of affairs. As our world literally spins out of control in the years and decades ahead, we must never lose sight of the 3 primary factors that are our greatest challenges chiefly responsible for the overall threat to our planetary survival and continuity. As mentioned previously they are and remain; the existence, proliferation and threat of weapons of mass destruction, the threat of overpopulation and an array of environmental crises now threatening human civilization and the biosphere. The Age of Turmoil we are now entering is founded upon these 3 primary threats and it will be how we thoroughly and quickly come to grips with each of them that will determine how smoothly or how roughly we enter into the coming Age of Ecology.

Needless to say, the primary threats from weapons, people and the environment operate synergistically, each affecting the other in like manner. For as there are more people exploiting more of the global environment, so will there inevitably arise conflicts resorting to and involving weapons. It is not enough to let the banality of eugenics to take its course. Sure, events can be orchestrated to destroy the lives of billions in a thermonuclear exchange, sure, we can pollute our food with cancer-causing GMO food and put known poisons like fluoride in our drinking water, and sure, we can cut down the rainforests removing a major carbon sink away from overcoming the supreme threat of global climate change which is slated to take the lives of billions in the foreseeable future.

However, there is another path, another world is possible. It is a world that recognizes and honors the sanctity and sacredness of all life, however lowly or destitute. A pro-life agenda recognizes and embraces the need to nuture and care for every single life form- human, plant and animal- in the coming transition. How special every single life form on Earth is. Put just one of these life forms on a planet like Mars (which, as far as we know, has no life), and that life form becomes the most precious thing in existence. Similiarily, we must conclude that all life, however destitute, however lowly, however abandoned or deemed unneccessary, must be honored, respected and acknowledged for who and what it is.

The very root cause, though, of our current global predicament is, in fact, our current level of intelligence, wisdom and consciousness, and/or lack thereof. We change our consciousness and we change our reality, its that simple. Nowhere is the need for a change in consciousness more needed than in the area of how we use and employ the use of weapons and warfare in our daily lives as a species, a subject i will now turn to...


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