Chapter 7

"Clearly, we need more incentives to quickly increase the use of wind and solar power; they will cut costs, increase our energy independence
and our national security and reduce the consequences of global warming"

- Hillary Rodham Clinton

Solar, Wind and Anti-Gravity

Alternative energy sources are the wave of the future. Solar, wind and anti-gravity have the greatest potential and are some of the most promising energy alternatives if mass produced and made cheaply available to the public on a large scale.

The current hydrocarbon economy (oil, gas, coal etc...) is antiquated, outdated, dirty, energy intensive, environmentally destructive and directly responsible for the international security threat of global climate change we are currently witnessing and experiencing on our planet today.

Solar photovoltaics have the greatest potential to bring decentralized, non-polluting, 'house-to-house' alternative electrical energy to the public. Wind power, non-polluting and plentiful throughout the world, also has great potential to bring alternative power to the masses if harnessed properly. Anti-gravity energy and electrogravitic propulsion, otherwise known as free energy technology, is currently locked-up in secret 'black budget' military labs and defense corporations throughout the developed world, most notably in the USA. Giant international oil corporations have decided to hold back this highly developed energy source and introduce it sometime in the future so as to maximize current oil/petrodollar profits in the present- a diabolically dangerous and insidiously selfish policy in lieu of the immediate global climate change threat to the planet's biosphere and its ability to sustain life over the long term. But make no mistake about it, anti-gravity energy will propel the global transportation industry well into the 21st century and beyond...

The transition to an alternative energy economy should have been made 40 years ago back in the 1970's when the environmental movement was born. But because greed, short-sightedness, self-interest and infatuation with short-term power and profit took precedent over maturity, evolution, long-term security and the overall advancement of the human enterprise, we now find ourselves faced with a planetary energy and environmental crisis of unprecedented proportions threatening our very survival and continuity as a species and as a civilization.

Truely, it is high time to supercede the outmoded, outdated and largely failing hydrocarbon economy with advanced, non-polluting, decentralized, plentiful and cheap alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and anti-gravity- there is absolutely no time to waste.

Recognizing, therefore, the absolute need and imperative to rapidly shift into an alternative and renewable energy economy, it must be stated outright that solar energy, in and of itself, has the potential to create the bridge necessary for human civilization to advance decisively towards a non-polluting, carbon neutral global society.

Solar energy, along with wind, tidal, geothermal, hydro and biomass account for most of the traditional renewable energy sources on Earth.

The total amount of incoming solar radiation hitting the planet is approximately 3-4 million exajoules per year. This incoming energy in one hour is the equivalent of what the world uses in one year. Needless to say, this a tremendous amount of energy, that, if harnessed properly, could put a huge dent in humanity's overall energy requirements. Such a transition to solar energy would dramatically transit our civilization away from a carbon-based society and re-orient it towards an alternative energy based economy in the immediate years and decades ahead.

Solar energy can be harvested at different levels throughout the world. Although passive and thermal energy applications have their place, it is primarily electrical generation through the harnessing of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, where solar energy can have its largest impact.

A key factor that must be acknowledged with solar photovoltaic panels is that they are not dependent on the heat of the sun, but rather on its differential levels of light output. This is why PV panels can also work very efficiently in cold, high latitude climates with ground snow reflecting ambient light on south facing panels.

In the USA alone, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning needs account for approximately 30% of the energy use in commercial buildings and nearly 50% in residential buildings. Most, if not all, of these energy requirements can be met with centralized and decentralized (roof-top panel) solar photovoltaic arrays.

The beauty of solar energy is its ability to covert sunlight into electricity. An 80 megawatt photovoltaic power plant in Canada named Sarina is one of the world's largest photovoltaic plants and is a good example of a centralized means of harvesting solar energy. Decentralization of solar PV applications, though, is truly the wave of the future. One of the most critical technological and energy use paradigm shifts that society will soon undergo will be the transition to a solar electric based energy economy. With the advent of electric cars starting to make their debut, it is all but certain that an international electrical energy recharge grid will similiarly arise to power this new alternative transportation fleet. Hence, the construction and use of roof-top solar PV panels on every commercial and residential roof-top building around the world. People will be able to drive to and from work during the day, come home at night, plug in and recharge their vehicles overnight. Of course, this will mandate good home based electrical storage battery systems coupled with an international energy grid powered by centralized PV power plants to tap during times of shortage and voltage deficit.

The introduction and wide spread use of electric vehicles will help transit our civilization off the destructive carbon based hydrocarbon economy we are now enmeshed in. As an interim step towards a fully fledged free energy anti-gravity based energy economy, the widespread use of electric cars and solar photovoltaic energy can help Save Our Planet from the most destructive effects of incoming global climate change. But it has to be done quickly.

The design and construction of electric cars are in their infancy as of 2010, but good prototypes do exist. The new 'tesla' electric vehicles get 250 miles per charge and are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are much more efficient in storing and oursourcing electrical voltage than current gasoline type car batteries.

There are tremendous amounts of natural lithium deposits in the nation of Bolivia. In fact, their deposits have been dubbed the new saudi arabian equivalent of lithium resources for the planet. As these resources are developed and lithium batteries, as well as electric vehicles, start going into mass production soon- perhaps in China- then we are well on our way towards creating an alternative, non-polluting, free energy based global society. This is the new Age of Ecology and Green World Order we desperately need to shift into if the human species is to survive the dangerous and tumultuous times that are immediately ahead.

Simply put, energy derived from the sun can rapidly and decisively move our global civilization onto a clean, sustainable and renewable energy path. All the energy is there. All the genius, institutional talent, creativity, innovation, intelligence and capital is there also. The only impediments are the outmoded, highly dysfunctional and very destructive global eugenics operations and large scale depopulation agendas and policies currently being carried out the global elite. Its time to stop building, funding and constructing a fascist Nazi-style world security police state control grid with all its cameras, prisons, militaries and tyranny designed to persecute and terrorize the masses. Instead, let us re-direct those trillions of US dollars into building and maintaining a global green society. It is a monumental task whose time has come and will be a dramatic transformation away from a world based on the dark energies of fear and intimidation. Instead, it will be a world that is based on the liberation, upliftment, advancement of all of Earth's inhabitants as well as the conservation, protection and preservation of the global environment.

In addition to the use of solar energy, the utilization of wind energy is sure to have a great impact in breaking our addiction to oil and other carbon based fuels.
The world market for wind turbines saw very robust growth in 2010, with approximately 16 gigawatts of electrical generation capacity added worldwide. China, by far, represents the largest market and added 7800 megawatts to its total wind generating capacity of 34 gigawatts in 2010 alone. The USA, still number one in total capacity with 36 gigawatts, saw a major decrease in new installations and added only 1200 megawatts to its total generational capacity in 2010. In Europe, Germany added about 660 megawatts, France and the UK about 500 megawatts apiece, Italy 450 and Spain 400 megawatts. The total capacity of all the wind turbines installed worldwide reached 175 gigawatts in 2010, compared to 159 gigawatts in 2009.

Wind energy showed a growth rate of over 30%, a trend that will nearly double global wind generational capability every 3 years. Currently, wind generated electrical consumption amounts to roughly 2% of total global electrical energy use. In 2010, the global economy employed 550,000 people in the wind energy sector. That figure is expected to top 1 million by 2012.

China remains the locomotive of the international wind industry, is itself one of the biggest markets for new turbines and has more than doubled its wind generating capacity for a fourth year in a row now.

Due to the constant availability of its offshore winds, more then 20% of Denmark's electricity energy consumption is produced by means of wind power. Denmark is also one of the leading producers of wind turbines in the world with an almost 40% share of total world wide production and remains one of the world's shining examples on the viability of harnessing wind power for national needs.

The US state of Wyoming with its constant availability of prevailing winds, could erect enough wind turbines to probably power a large part of the USA just off its wind generating capacity alone. The same could be said for the US state of Arizona and its large open desert areas of incoming solar radiation, coupled with large arrays of PV panels. Selective alternative energy schemes from these 2 US states alone could probably supply the current and projected energy needs for the entire USA for years to come. All that lacks is the political will to do so and the hydrocarbon economy will become a thing of the past.

Anti-gravity, by far though, is the real new alternative energy source for the 21st century.

Currently locked up in black budget military labs and top secret intelligence facilities throughout the world, particularily in America, this technology will completely revolutionize the way human beings interact with their environment, as well as propel mankind into the final frontier of space and beyond.

Currently, the anti-gravity issue is embedded in the false UFO/paranormal debate- a way to effectively smear and refute any and all true insight and discussion into the antigravitic propulsion issue- a classic military 'psy-op' public information control program. Numerous websites and books have talked of reverse engineering so called recovered "extraterrestrial craft", which is nothing more than a cover for the real black budget corporate/military antigravitic craft that have already been built and are flying clandestinely today- many employed in top secret intelligence and surveillance operations throughout the world for the US military-industrial-intelligence-security complex.

Antigravitic technology has been around since the 1940's and should have been introduced into the world economy back then. Instead, we have the continuation of a highly polluting, earth-threatening, stone-age, chemical-hydrocarbon economy now manifesting itself into an unstoppable and irreversible international security threat to all life on earth: global climate change.

As well, billions of human beings have, over the years, needlessly toiled, worked and slaved, when antigravitic transportation, lifting and power generation could have easily met the core requirements for an advanced and sustainable world civilization.

Free, non-polluting and drawing on the limitless natural gravity of the Earth for source, antigravity is the preferential successor to the largely antiquated, failing, environmentally destructive world hydrocarbon enterprise and all its tangential spin-off industries (plastics, automotive, manufacturing etc..). Antigravitic propulsion, once disseminated, democratized and decentralized to all the Earth's people, will end poverty, militarism, war, hunger, disease, inequality and all environmental destruction because it is the great equalizer, a limitless energy source available to all, irregardless of status, rank, or position in society. It is the wave that lifts all boats, permanently leveling the playing field and Saving our Planet from near certain destruction.

Antigravitics is the key that opens the portal to a highly intelligent, compassionate, advanced, mature, innovative, technologically superior and survivable world civilization for the 21st century. Every single day that passes without the critical decision to unleash this miracle is a day that mankind and earth devolves into a new dark age of social, environmental and planetary collapse.

That collapse is not inevitable though if the human species develops the collective will to evolve beyond the idiocy, immaturity and ineptness of today's failing society and crumbling economy. In fact, solar, wind and anti-gravity energy together represent a supreme opportunity in this global crisis to effectively seize and redefine our future into one that survives and prospers well into the 21st century and beyond.

Solar, wind and anti-gravity are clean, free, non-polluting, alternative, renewable and sustainable energy sources. They are able to provide more than enough power to meet the world's projected energy requirements, but unfortunately continue to remain largely untapped even as the world's outmoded chemical carbon industry begins to implode upon itself.

The transition to an alternative energy economy based primarily on solar, wind and anti-gravity sources will plunge us deeply into a projected new Age of Ecology as well as provide the backbone for an emerging Green World Order that we must, out of desperate necessity, consciously and decisively embrace as rapidly as humanly possible.


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