This book is an attempt to work through and confront some of the major multi-faceted, multi-dimensional threats to our survival as a species on this planet. We are living in an absolutely extraordinary time in human history. We are a planetary civilization, yet we collectively lack the vision, will, organization, wisdom and intent to solve and move beyond many of the destructive, life- threatening tendencies, practices and policies of our current modern-day human enterprise.

We are collectively and deliberately destroying and undermining many of the very foundations that are necessary for life to exist and continue forth on this most extraordinary and beautiful of planets. The 21st century will be known as the Age of Ecology or the Age of the Environment, because it the global environment that will define our very existence in the coming decades.

Whether we make it or break it will depend on how skillfully we manage ourselves and the planet in the immediate years ahead. Since humanity and life on this planet are in dire peril and face the very real threat of extinction, i believe it is more than appropriate to write a book that discusses the immediate imperative of SAVING OUR PLANET. Whether one believes we have crossed the point of no return or not, we must try to confront the possibility and probability of salvation, simply because it is the right thing to do.

At root, the crisis humanity is experiencing today is a crisis in human consciousness. That is, we lack the knowledge, wisdom, intelligence and discernment to move beyond our current antiquated, failing and highly dysfunctional societal mindset so as to build a truely global green/sustainable world civilization in the real world.

This book is an affirmation and defense of all life on earth. Its about the salvation, redemption and revolution of the human species, as it is about the blocks and impediments that are keeping us from collectively evolving into a truely mature species on this glorious planet. The current eugenics agenda that favors the willful and malevolent extermination of whole peoples and nations by the very ruthless and mindless powers that be will be a central theme that will be covered in this dialogue. Because the dark side of human consciousness unfortunately rules today, there is also the grand opportunity to develop the light side of human consciousness. And as we evolve, this will give us the foundational means by which to save our species and our teetering civilization from the current path of death and destruction we are now trodding and begin a new path that will ensure our survival and prosperity well into the next century and beyond.

As Al Gore talked about in his book, "Earth in the Balance", the human species must develop a Strategic Environment Initiative- A Mission to Planet Earth. This initiative and mission must become, as Al Gore correctly noted, the central organizing principle of human society in the 21st century- there simply is no other alternative if we wish to survive as a species.

I have carefully chosen what I believe to be the most important issues to cover- both crises' and opportunities- facing us in the following chapters. Hopefully, I have chosen well, for I believe they together synergistically weave a vision for our future and a way out of current predicament. Thus said, this book is hard-hitting and as truthful as it can be- to the best of my ability. It will, no doubt, offend the core beliefs and cultivated assumptions of many readers, however, it must be remembered that any real paradigm shifts in human consciousness and therefore, human affairs, must needs be confrontational.

Steven Craig Jones
Santa Cruz, California USA
November 19, 2010